Hi, I'm Jessie!

Welcome to my site where I share about my love for plant-y things. You'll find me sharing tips all things farmers market and produce related, as well as recipes and pieces on nutrition that have helped me thrive. I've fallen in love with my plant based diet over the past seven years, and hope to share some of that joy with you here - as well as help you with your journey to living a more plant-centered and earth-friendly lifestyle.

I feel so incredibly blessed to currently call southern California home with my husband, Scott - he’s the best. We both love being outside, and when we aren't working you'll find us out walking, biking, hiking, or surfing (well, you'll find Scott surfing, I'm still a work in progress!). We love long road trips and camping, especially in national parks. I have a bit of a wanderlust heart and am often times scheming new trips to different destinations to go exploring. So you will see a bit of that on here as well.

I hope to inspire and help others through sharing my passions in this space, and to learn from you too - we all are little experts in something, and I believe sharing and lifting one another up is everything.

x Jessie



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Why plant based?

I originally became a whole-foods vegan for my health (read more here) and eventually had my eyes opened to other effects of this lifestyle too. Since then I’ve developed a heart for the animals of this world, as well as become a passionate advocate for a more eco-conscious life to help preserve our beautiful planet. Eating more plants has not only been proven to reduce your risk of disease and other health ailments, but also shows compassion for other living creatures and has a significantly smaller footprint on this earth. Overall this lifestyle caught my attention with it’s healing powers (plus it's delicious food), and overtook my heart with it’s compassion for greater things beyond myself.

What's your food philosophy?

When it comes to what makes me feel best, I have found it works well for me to eat plants in their ‘whole food form’ (i.e. not refined/isolated) as much as possible, and this includes fats. Eating foods in their ‘whole' state means you get the benefits of all of the harmonious nutrients they consist of, as well as receive their dose of fiber too! Fruits, veggies, beans, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds make up the majority of my diet. But when the occasional treats are involved - I tend not to get too fussy over a little oil or processed sugar. I’m not about to put myself in a box, nor would I suggest you do so either! Overall the mantra I follow would be to eat plants, mostly in their whole food form, and in whichever amounts that make you feel best. 

Books and documentaries?

A few of my favorite documentaries for information on the effects of a plant based lifestyle are Forks Over Knives, Cowspiracy, and What The Health. When it comes to nutrition, NutritionFacts.org is my go-to source. I highly respect Dr. Greger and all of the research him and his team comb through to bring to us, free of charge (he is not funded in any way and provides really objective conclusions on the currently available research in science and nutrition). His book, How Not To Die, is my favorite book to date! Another great book on the topic of plant based nutrition is, Becoming Vegan, by Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina - it's incredibly thorough and well researched. It answers all of the common questions on how to have a nutritionally sound plant based diet and then some.

What camera equipment/editing software do you use?

I currently shoot with the Canon Mark IV body and primarily the 50mm 1.2L lens by Canon as well. As for editing, Lightroom is the software I use to organize and edit all of my photos. I have a few presets I've developed over time, and a few I've downloaded from fellow photographers that I admire. My husband Scott bases his edits off of different VSCO filters he chooses depending on the style he is aiming for in a shoot. Sometimes he uses Photoshop exclusively, but I just wasn't bitten by the Photoshop bug and it intimidates me entirely (ha!). For Scott's professional work he primarily uses a Canon Mark IV with a 24-70mm zoom lens. However, his personal camera he uses for life and documenting our travels is the Sony A7 with either the kit lens or an old 50mm Canon film lens. The latter won't open up past stop 4 (kind of broken) but captures the dreamiest photos. (See Scott's work here.)