Produce Prep eBook Launch

Produce Prep eBook Launch by Jessie May

My produce prep eBook is here!

Let me begin by saying the opportunity to write this book has been the greatest privilege. To think that I was able to write about something so central to our life (produce) in the most common way (selection and storage) still surprises me! When I started blogging recipes about 7 years ago, I never considered my love for picking out and storing produce something worth sharing. It had always been a personal piece of my life.

Then about two years ago, when I began sharing my farmers market hauls more regularly on Instagram stories, the questions from you began pouring in about how I shopped and prepped everything. I don’t think I had ever been more surprised at an interest from you! It was really encouraging and I knew there was too much to share in a simple post or message response. Therefore, I began laying out this eBook.

It has been about a year in the making, with several pauses because I tend to work better with a tight deadline ;). After cracking down on myself this spring and summer, I finally have it finished and it feels so good. I know there is still more I could have covered or included, so I’m looking forward to doing additional work on this topic in the future (if you’d like).

In the eBook I am breaking down for you how I select and store over 40 fruits and vegetables, focusing on the produce we most commonly purchase throughout the year. There are no recipes in this eBook, it is completely centered around my methods for selection and storage to help you keep your produce fresh as long as possible!

Read more about what is in the eBook on it’s designated page (linked in the button below) and see a few photos as well.

I hope this information really helps you find success with storing your fruit and veg all week and that you feel encouraged to bring even more produce into your home :). Thank you for letting me share it with you.

x Jessie